[SOLVED in V28] Costumes locked due to tournament (Discussion/Feedback) - Staff Response Post #27

Self explanatory, pointless to do this and now with a challenge coming I will be unable to freely use my heroes, for strategy in the attack phase and also in the challenge. Because you are unable to code a way for it to be distinguishable I am locked from being able to use something I paid for? Yeah keep up with the good work.

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Unfortunately standard practice in the gachadollars game model.

Seeing it’s a 3* tournament, you could max a 2nd one with costume and use that one in the event. It’s not that expensive.

There is no way to max a costume before the hero. You need to max the particular hero in original form, followed by the costume or level them in tandem.
Either way, the costume is locked aka not allowed in raid tourney.

I think that if you had a second copy of the hero leveled and leveled the same costume a second time on that copy, you would be able to use the second copy (with or without costume), even though the first version was locked in a particular form.

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I’m going to totally agree with mpolo… tho I don’t have Bane on my defense for this tourney, I have a dupe that I just checked… his leveling is completely independent from the other Bane. I think this is what devs had in mind when they created single costume to be used across multiple dupes. Be glad we don’t need one costume per dupe!!

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@Guvnor is there a catch-all thread we’ve been merging these to? I don’t see anything new here that hasn’t already been discussed.

@Loro this is standard behavior for the current iteration of costumes, and it is covered in detail here, among other threads on the forum. Also, it’s not much consolation, but at least your heroes will be free for the challenge on Saturday and Sunday.

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Yes, this for example.

But nobody cares.

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I’m just happy they fixed it so I can change costumes around without having to exit out of war…

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Think of it like an alter ego… You can’t have both Bruce Wayne and Batman in action at the same time…

Or Clarke Kent and Superman etc…

If your costume is in use, the hero is wearing that costume on that location so can’t be changed…

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I am totally fine that this costumed version hero is locked for the tournament also only to be used in attacks.

I don’t like it that the hero is locked for all other things around…be it raids, events, war or titan. My other heroes aren’t locked either for events. Then all heroes in your tournament shall be locked or none. That’s just an unnecessary restriction in my eyes.

They aren’t locked, they just can’t change their clothes.

These were a waste of time. Wish they would so something to allow us to earn materials to ascend the heros we have instead of bringing new stuff would be more interesting. Loosing interest not being able to level cause of material and other that buying them cant get them.

Your other heroes don’t have an alter ego tho…? So why would they be constrained by this?

Go look up some stuff on the “Path of Valor”

Hi guys,

Went to use my Rigard with costume in a war hit and when I tried to swap his costume out it said it was locked due to raid tourney.

This seems somewhat lazy on behalf of the coders making characters costume locked for the length of a tourney.

Please change this and allow flexibility in the costumes in other aspects of the game.



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If he is in your Tourney defense team, it locks so you can’t change your tourney defense during the tourney. That’s intended behavior

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This is why many have levelled multiple rigard and copys of costume.

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I’ve only got one +19 Rigard the other is only 4.70.

But it dictates you using the tourney locked hero as is for wars… not cool.

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The costumes have been like it since release, it just means you have to plan ahead when building the tourney defence so you have flexibility in war and trials. Anyone using elena costume on tourney defence can’t use on today’s trial for example

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