[solved in post #2] Puss doesn’t summon minions on Druid emblemed heroes

I am trying to decide whether Puss is worth ascending. He is supposed to summon minions for all summoner heroes. However I have Vela emblemed and she can summon a thorn minion. Isn’t she a summoner by definition? Lepus isn’t emblemed so he should not summon one.

The photos show before and after Puss fires

Working as intended imo…
Because talent it’s not guarantee of summon only minion summuners should get them.


Puss only spawns minions for heroes that will summon minions due to their specials. There’s no chance for druids to get a companion minion from Puss.

Guess it depends on the exact definition of a summoner hero. Certainly the description for a druid says it “summons” a Thorn Minion. So I can see that going one of three ways:

  1. They mean only is the special includes a summons
  2. This is a bug and they wanted any hero who can summon to summon one
  3. Similar to 2, but instead only get a chance to summon based on the talent progression

Why was this marked as solved? It is only an opinion, not an answer. The card does not say “special summoner” it says “summoner.” My opinion, for what it’s worth is that Puss’ special is quite limiting, and the thorn minions are a low chance plus not game changing and therefore not a great special talent. Having this property would make both the special and the talent a bit more useful.

The absolute least it should do is to give you the same chance at a thorn minion.


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