[solved in post #2] Facing some problem with costume kadilen with Seshat

So I was using my costume kadilen during a raid and I attacked a team with seshat as the sniper. As we know costume kad has dodge skills but what happened was 2 times I activated kadilen dodge skills but everytime seshat hit kadilen she didn’t dodge the attack but two heroes beside her dodged it twice. As far as I know seshat is a sniper so how come two heroes on the flank of costume kadilen dodged her Seshat’s special skill when she didn’t know even hit them? Has anyone else faced a similar problem?

Edit: Thanks guys. Really appreciate the help. I gave kadilen the tonics. Her dodge skills have saved my heroes on a lot of raids while on being on 41% dodge chance. The 45% will surely save a few more once I completely ascend her…

Not an error. This is an unexpected (to you, and originally to me) bonus of cKadilen. Heroes dodge other effects as well as damage effects.

Seshat hits one and debuffs three, so Kadilen failed to dodge but her neighbours succeeded in dodging the debuff.

I love it, and am still occasionally surprised when my heroes dodge effects I didn’t even realise the enemy was firing!


Just fought against a Kunchen and a Melendor. Every time they tried to dispel my buffs (such as dodge!) or lower my defence alongside their heals, my guys dodged and summoned minions. Wonderful stuff, love her.

Edit: I say every time, I mean 45% of the time! But I’m an optimist and only remember the good moments.

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Yup, it’s the same effect as Inari. That’s why it’s better than Rogue evasion or whatever Margaret’s buff is called. You can dodge damage AND ailments.