[solved in post #2] Enemy Boldtusk ghosted past an attack

In my most recent raid attack, the final enemy hero was a Boldtusk in the wing. I fired three specials at once at it - cKadilen, Clarissa and Seshat. Some of the specials must have hit for Boldtusk died (but was going to revive thanks to fighter skill) but one attack produced a GHOST message over him.

I assume that must be a bug, Boldtusk has no ghost ability as far as I know!

If you killed a hero but he is waiting revival, you should NOT throw more specials at him or her. But if you do - you wasted it, and it’ll display ghost. Wait until the following turn when the hero revives, then hit it again.


It’s not a bug as far as i know

It does that if a hero is going to revive

When attacking heroes that self revive, you want to fire 1 special at a time and stop if the first one kills it or else you run the risk of wasting multiple specials and seeing the “ghost” message

DoT specials are what i typically hit fighters with
Sartana, marjana, etc that way it kills them and if they revive then they just die again


Thank you both very much. Apologies for my ignorance.

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