[solved] I see different stats on the same hero!

Ok this never happened to me before. When I want to level up Sonya I see different stats than the actual ones that I see when I click on the hero’s card from my list, I selected her as my defense hero so I can see if that will change anything but still the same difference on stats, only on level up screen it shows lower stats but same level and xp. Below are the screenshots

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Strange! Could this be a visual bug, @Petri? I wonder which stats are actually correct? I would submit a Support ticket under the Options icon in-game and attach these photos in your request. Thanks for bringing this up. Now I’m going to be checking my hero stats like that.

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It’s inconsistent, but only shows her with and without costume bonus.

Same happens to my 3.70 Lia.

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Is that what that is? But if the costume icon is highlighted, shouldn’t the costume bonus be applied?

Oh so it’s not really a bug right, it’s just the costume bonus that it’s applied. I can go on and level her then


If you just look at them, costume bonus will be shown, but if you choose to level or ascend, they will only show their raw stats.


It seems that when you go to level up a non-costumed version the costume bonus is not shown in the level up screen. I also see this with my BT.


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