[SOLVED] Heroes are still cursed from last Ninja tower

So I started the Ninja tower again today and it turns out all my heroes from last time are still cursed. WTF? Thats not how you introduce a challenge…


Same here … glad to see it’s a bug, and they are singling me out :joy:

Same here. You are not alone:))

I just checked my roster and none of my heroes are cursed out.b

Am on Android if that makes a difference?

Ummm - why are my hero’s still cursed from the last event??? I haven’t started this one and some hero’s aren’t available and others show 1/2… just me???

It is now fixed … at least mine is

Hmm I don’t have this issue as well right now. Maybe the timer is messed up and resets like 15 minutes too late?

Thanks everyone for reporting this and sorry about that! If you are experiencing this issue please restart the app, that should fix it. My apologies!


I have another issue with the ninja tower, not sure if anyone else experienced it. Yesterday, I had 45 of the tower tokens from the previous ninja tower, but when the event started, it deleted all of them.

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