[Solved] Help me People! I change with new phone and lost my account

Hello, i just bought a new phone, and lost mine account. Is It possible to get MY account back or do i’ve To create New one? Cheers, TRASHER

If you have your old account number contact E&P support.

Dude, i cant remember it. So this means, it’s over and time To quit this game. Where the ■■■■ i can find MY old account number…

We Need more details. What phone you or you have a Google Related account or although the FB account …

Try logging in with the same email or if you have purchased deals off the app you should be able to see your account number on the email receipts?

@littleKAF @zephyr1 @Rook is this a possibility perhaps?


Welcome Trasher! Sorry to hear that!

Your account should be linked to your Google Play Store profile, or your Apple GameCenter Id. Depending on which one was your previous device.


As @DaveCozy said, to get back your account, you just need to login with the same account as before.
Android = Google Play email login the same as your old phone.
iOS = GameCenterID / AppStore ID / iCloud email login the same as your old phone.

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If you need to talk about specific items with your account, below is a link to talk to SGG directly. I think trying some of the suggestions above are a good first step though.


I had To change my phone number, but i’m using the same Google account. I DLed Empires, but it didnt even ask anything bout my old account.

Did you go to options > settings and sign in to Google Play?

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Are you sure? also double check if that is the same exact email address? Not the phone numbers (it has nothing to do with account). If so, then you should go to EP Game -> Menu -> Option -> Support -> Support, then create ticket support.

I have suffered the same issue…I started twice the tutorial then the system recignised my account.

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Try to go through the tutorial, then accessing the Settings menu in the game to sign in to your account.

Let us know if that resolves it :slight_smile:


I think you have already been helped, but just in case:



Times like this I’m grateful I’m “old school”. My account/id info is written down in a notebook and stored in a safe place!

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I believe it is as @DaveCozy described, you’d have to go through the tutorial in order to start syncing process.

I had changed my phone about 2 months ago and was worried how to transfer my progress to the new phone. However, unlike going from iOS to Android or vice versa. My old phone and new phone are both running Android.

So noting which gmail address profile was associated with the game and the account number (you needed this number, generally a 6 digit/character one, made up of numbers, letters, and symbols). Just for safety reason, I kept my game installed on my old phone and shut it down first.

On my new phone, I downloaded the game, and of course, it asked me to input my name as if I was a brand new player, what I did end up having to do and noticed was:

  1. I would have to go through the tutorial phase of the game (fighting Dark Lord with Commander Grey, Lianna, Colen, drawing Bane, etc.) before the game actually reliquish the control to me so I can click on different aspects of the stronghold, options and stuff.
  2. Then, I end up logging into the Google Play Store using the Gmail account I had used on my old phone. The game took the username and password, and I was back to playing the game again, no progresses lost.
  3. The aforementioned 6-digit account # is actually different on my old phone vs. the new phone, I guess every time a new install (or rather an install on a new device) happened, a new # is generated to mount the profile it will be associated with?
  4. After everything seemingly worked on the new phone, I went ahead and removed the game on my old phone, just in case.

Sometimes, a person may have more than one Gmail address profile on a phone, make sure you pick the correct one that contains your E&P progress.

Good luck to you and hopefully you are back puzzling without much trouble.


Thanks for information. I’m In with my old account. Everything Is fine now. Back In business. :wink:

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I had To do the same.

Just do this. Add your email account in your new phone. Email account that you used in your empire and puzzle. Then open your empire and puzzle. It will automatically recognize your account.
Hoping that will help you.

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