[SOLVED] Hel victim no mana after debuff gone - reports and comments

Hi guys

Have had this happen to myself twice.

Hero shot by Hel’s special, wait until debuff is gone, and they are still unable to gain mana.

The second time it happened it was with Rigard, waited for the debuff to disappear then hit a purple gem to use all the purple shields. This should have filled his mana, but didnt. He was subsequently hit by Chao’s special, his hitpoints went down, but his mana bar went UP.?

Possibly a glitch in the displayed mana not updating correctly after being hit by Hel.

A couple of other members of my alliance have noticed similar events


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I’ve had the same issue myself many times. @Penari @Coppersky @mhalttu @Petri

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I’ve had the same issues.
Also mana bar is still lit up when my characters are dead.
So if you can see glitches does that mean there are more.
No mana gain more than a dozen times now.
Also no damage to opposition.

And what has happened to titan battles I was always hitting around 25k now averaging 11k
I’ve also done 5x 10 summons and no athena.
I may sound like a moaning little b but come on guys please sort it out.

Hi! Regarding the problem with Hel, it is most likely related to this issue:

We are hoping to release an update fixing this issue later this week.

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The update is out now for both iOS and Android, so I’m marking this as solved. :smile:

The problem persists, and is not solved.

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Agreed this issue is not solved!

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Hel still does it to me. I dont get any mana after she hits me. This happens in almost every raid… One time it was like this: Hel had her mana maxed and i attacked with board and didnt get any mana even before she attacked… please this bug is the worst ever. Cant fight any Hel team

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I removed the [SOLVED] tag as we have received reports that the issue with Hel’s Special Attack is still occurring. We’ll investigate this here.


Tirbutus didnt get any mana all game after Hel attacked him. Actually when Hel had her special skill ready and i attacked with dark board gems it didnt get any mana. The problem occurs just when Hel has her mana maxed and after she has used her special skill. I have many SS about this and it seems tirbutus is the one that doesnt get mana at all after hels special attack. I hope you can fix this soon. Its been like this since the release for me atleast. Cant really win raids with no mana haha :wink:

I can post a video if needed.

This is the first picture after hel had died and no mana for tirbutus.

Same issue most times if Hel gets her attack off. She was fixed too good! Please correct…her attack is powerful enough without it lingering on and on and on!!


Found out a new interesting Hel feature today haha!
When she did her special attack, her mana wasnt reset. It stayed around 50-60%.

Could this be fixed in the next patch please? :slight_smile:


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I’ve run into this a few times now since the last update yesterday, July 5th. After I am attacked by Hel and her attack wears off, whichever heros were attacked no longer generate mana for the remainder of the game. The same goes when Vivica heals those affected. Doesn’t make for much of a fair fight especially if she is able to attack again, and take all mana generation for the whole team.

@Petri told me this was being fixed in this update, I guess it didn’t?

Yep this should be fixed, depending on which platform you are, the update was released either yesterday (Android) or today (iOS).

Please do let us know if you keep facing this issue even after the update. :slight_smile:

This first started happening to me after I did the update yesterday.



This is issue persists but in a slightly modified version.

The hero targetted by Hel’s attack still doesnt generate mana after the debuff has worn off. (Caedmon)
However the heros next to the targetted hero start generating mana as expected. (Gormek & Sabrina)



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