[SOLVED] Heal from x2 passive in Mage Tower is not reduced

Healing specials of bosses are usually decreased, but heal from x2 passive of Mage Tower bosses (Motega, Nadezhda) is not reduced and heals 30% fully. For huge bosses’ HP it’s too much!
Unfortunately, I didn’t make screenshot or video. Similar problem earlier was with Director Zuri in Circus Event.


I have seen the same too.
Sometimes the Magic Tower bosses healed 1500-1800 HP due to this passive, and I have not understand at first where this huge healing came from as the specials only heals 5-600 HP, but then I have realised that it was because of the passive.
Now as the element restriction is removed from the passives this made the bosses more powerful.

@Petri can you please confirm that with the game designers that is it intended or not ?

Thanks in advance.

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I thought this was strange, I had to change my entire strategy when fighting. Instead of looking at the bosses specials I only looked at their passives and played against those and mainly ignored their specials.
The passive healers were my first target, it´s an absolute nogo to let them heal 30%. So bringing them down to 50% health to force them to use first charge instead of second was priority 1.
For the passive damage dealers I brought a counterattack hero and made sure they actually got a second charge to fire. When the passive went off it turned into instant suicide :smiley:
Only the passive attack debuff I ignored and treated the heroes as regular heroes.

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Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this here.


This issue has been fixed in the new update Version 47.

Per Release Notes:

  • Tower of Magic bosses’ healing from Passives is now capped at 10% (previously 30%)

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