[SOLVED] Gullinbursti's damage reset

That is an alternative most likely to happen in a raid setting, him as a boss probably too much health for the first time he fires.

Yeah it definitely didn’t fire when it got refreshed in the past. I did also run into the Hatter interaction. Stole the buff and it went off and killed my hatter and then went off the next turn when it expired from my team.

Gullinbursti in tournament become more annoying and OP since this hidden unannounced buff.

Why is this change not announced? @KiraSG


I just noticed, vulli skill active. I removed the buff with vivica costume, but when i did that i took all the damage to each hero! That doesnt seem right…

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Same problem with Sonia debuffing gullinbursti.
Before the end of 3 turn of his special skill, his special went off and damage all my Heroes. As I wasn’t sure the first Time I faces this problem, I made the raid gain, and again he wents off before his 3 turn of his SPecial skill.
So I’m sure now that it’s a bug,
or an unannounced change on his special,
or the description (in english) hasn’t been changed
or the game forgot to inform of the debuff making gullinbursti’s Special to trigger…
Kindly regards.

Was always like that, that if you dispel gulli he will do damage. Only recent change was that he now also does damage when he fires again in his 3 turns.


The card says “when the effect end” and there are multiple ways for an effect to end. 1) The 3 turn duration completes 2) A debuffer targets the pig 3) the pig overwrites it’s own buff by using it’s special before the 3 turn duration completes.

I’m not sure if there was a silent fix by SG to ensure that the damage happens “when the effect ends” in all instances or if it was always like this and I just never noticed until folks started pointing it out.

Regardless, I love my piggies. Have three of them maxed at +20. They rule. Oink!!!


there was definitely something that changed, whether it was intentional or not, and it was definitely a silent change. i would argue, “when the effect ends” shouldn’t apply to reusing his own skill since the effect doesn’t end when he reprocs; it’s extended. but it is what it is for the time being. maybe there will be a silent change back at some point. :rofl:

it doesn’t help that the change to Gulli’s effect (on reproc) happened right as a 4* tournament, no dark happened.


Dispelling had always activate the damage but Gullinbursti casting its skill again before duration end used to be not activate it.

These two are true since the first release.

This one is only true since v.39 update.

No confirmation from developers whether this is intended change (no information in update announcement) or a new bug. @Petri @KiraSG @mhalttu

@Guvnor can you ask them?


Was always like that, that if you dispel gulli he will do damage. Only recent change was that he now also does damage when he fires again in his 3 turns.

Hello,From my experience facing gullin’ that was not the case, I’m sure Sonia 's debuff allowed me in the past, to prevent my team from his special skill. So the point is, what “when the effect end” means.
But, as it is describe of “during 3 turn”, everything that happens before is not concerned by the effect of ‘when the effect end’ as it last 3 turn and that he triggers at the end of those .
That’s my point of view. If the SG (small Giants) team wants to make him trigerr when he’s been debuff, then it should be more properly and clearly written in his special’s description.

It looks like the debuff on dark knight (krampus, Queen Heart…) 's special 'preventing his allies to be target. But, I Can understand it because of the taunt Special skill. But the gullinbursti’s special is described differently, that’s not a taunt.
The kadilen C 's Special Aldo Can be discussed, but as the taunt, Can nearly be understood, even if, for me, those regulation made by SG make the debuff Heroes Sonia, caedmon… Less and less effective. And those ‘simple ’ Heroes doesn’t deserve it, at my point of view,and for all the beginners, I think.
Thank u anyway for your response :smiley: and have fun playin’ the game .

As others have mentioned that was never the case. I still remember when he was a new boss in wallhalla and I tried to dispel him and instead he killed my whole team. That was something I can remember well :sweat_smile:

But it doesn’t say after 3 turns do damage but instead says when the effect ends. Yes after 3 turns it ends automatically and so gulli does damage. But it also ends when you dispel him so of course he also does damage there.

Only difference now (V39 I think) is that he also does damage if he fires again during the 3 turns. There you could argue for both scenarios (damage/no damage )either when he fires he gets a new effect and so the old one “ends” and he has to do damage or that his effect only gets renewed and it’s still the same effect. But all the stats (higher damage, higher attack) gets set back so it’s more likely that it should count as a new effect which ended the old one - > he is doing damage.

So I personally think that the current version with damage is the more correct one and the version before was wrong. Although in rush tournaments he is now the 4* Alfrike :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Well, then, I’m still not convinced. I’m sure of the debuff of my Sonya before, but Can not tell in wich version of the game it was, maybe a long Time ago.
I still think, gullinbursti’s special should be more clearly written then (about the debuff process). If I follow your way of Reading it, when the effect end when he’s been dispell, then his special is over as it has ended with the debuff. So no more damage at the end of 3 turn, but I think, that’s how the game works now.
But the damage should be calculated and buffs with only the one or two turn, he had faced. So again, his special description should be improved with that information.

Long Time before ,the solution was to make his special Come again (making his mana full again) before the 3 turn of his 1st special. Because the 2nd special, overwrote the 1st and he was waiting again for the 3 turn, without making the damage of his 1st special. But, clearly, that was a bug wich had been solved, from what I saw.

Thank you for the reports. We have identified a bug here and are looking into fixing this in the next update (Version 41). I’ll mark this as a known issue.


Petri are you able to confirm what the bug is that you are working to fix? Is it just that when he recasts while still in effect that it shouldn’t deal damage (new)? Or are you guys planning to change to no damage if his buff is dispelled (existing)?

I think it is based on the OP.

Before this ‘‘bug’’ I always wondered why the pig did not do the damage if you used it’s special 2nd time while the first special was still on. I thought they had finally fixed it in its current state, but seems like it’s a ‘‘bug’’ even though I think its just logical that it deals the damage if you fire it 2nd time.

Or maybe it’s the bug that @Howling posted here, that one definitely seems like a bug.

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The pig is working as it should now! It’s just like a fixed bug now, so don’t give any fixes to my golden piggy bank!

Noticed today Gullinbursti takes reflect damage off his special activating. That’s new.

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why? he is great the way he is working now.
no need to fix what is not broken.

when he casts his special again, he basically removed his own buff and doing damage makes sense

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