[SOLVED] Google Playstore Error - No Purchase Available (2 Mar, 2020) - Staff Response post #6

Google/Android issue. SG are aware and several other apps are affected.


I’ve been trying to purchase a Valor pass for 45 minutes. I get 2 error messages. First one says the item isn’t available for purchase. The second says an unknown error occurred and to try later. I’ve tried to purchase on my android phone and tablet.

Google Play does not search for games and payment errors are frequent. This is Korea

Something wrong going on…
The game isn’t even available on play store…

We are aware that Google is currently experiencing an issue affecting apps not being visible in the Google Play Store and purchases not able to be made.

We are currently working with them here and hope they will be able to resolve it soon. We will update players once we know more. I apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this has caused.

[EDIT] This seems to have been resolved by Google but we will continue to monitor the situation closely.


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