[SOLVED] Gobbler’s card no longer lists the HP recovered per destroyed Minion

Look at his special…
All allies recover HP for each destroyed minion…

HP? Cool, nice, but how much? 1? 50? Or 50%? :thinking:

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Probably not much. If it was significantly higher, people would rave on him. Regrettably, it’s not and players, mostly, don’t like him much, even in the current meta where minions are dime a dozen.


I’m not sure why that’s not listed on the card anymore, it used to be.

I’ll reach out to the Small Giant Staff about that, thanks!


The problem with gobler, at the time there are some Minions on the field, he is already gone with his low defense. Not worth giving any emblem. I like my grimbler.

Thank you, but I know how much. I remember last changes. Post created just about new players.

Thank you for the report! We have identified a bug here and will look into fixing this. I have marked this as a known issue now.


This issue has been now fixed and I’ll mark the topic as solved.


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