[SOLVED] Game Outage / Server Issue Mar 4

Not happy. Was in the middle of an advanced level and had spent a lot of resources when server crashed.

Yes. Im in. Eastern PA

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Looks like working again

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I’m back in. Lodged a request as well on the dev’s support page.

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Same here lost my outpost raid which I was winning and took me three times to go back and win it now. What a waste and very disappointing.

Got back in but lost a lot of resources

Now it’s working …

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I’m here in Brazil, but I want to know how the trophies I lost will be.

Thanks, I’ll check!! Would still like compensation. Too often…

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In again. NY, USA.

20 characters…

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l was in the middle of the raid & about to WIN! But all of a sudden this happen. And when l came back, l founf out l lost! REALLY??? l have all my Titans alive & he got 2 left! :rage::rage::rage::rage:

Just happened to me. I lost a Titan battle because if it. Frustrating!

Back in but lost the 8 world power I had used to start the second gems quest level :frowning:

Back in the game in France

Strathead: you just got kicked NOW?? Or just noticed now?

This is a live thing! People lose stuff, at least they can say sorry! My iron is at 666k…

I can connect to the game now. :blush:

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Had the same problem in Holland Screenshot_20190303-230006_Empires

I wanna play! :cry:

I was lucky because I didn’t do raid or titan attack when the game was disconnect.

I’m having same problem, was battling a titan and just finished, then the message came up about server and I lost my titan energy and the score from that battle. Can’t attack again, frustrating

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