[SOLVED] Game Outage / Server Issue Mar 4

Was also booted, sucks I paid for more world energy right before the boot and lost it.

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Connected again. Romania.

Got the same after I got booted

Got booted too. Twice today game had issues.

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I am connected now it was only for around 20 minutes

Ok. I was gonna say… I’m in eastern PA. You’re in Canada. The signal from the servers has to be received and processed by all of the internet linkpoints between there and here. Once I got back in, it shouldn’t have been long before you were able to get in.

Moderator’s Note

Update from SG Staff:

The game went down for about 15 minutes (the chat for about 20 minutes) just after it turned midnight in Finland. The problem was short-lived and we were able to get things back up quickly.

SG will be investigating further, and hopes to know more tomorrow. I’d suggest keeping an eye on the Support site if you’re interested in more updates: https://support.smallgiantgames.com/hc/en-us


I lost 150+ gems from this trying to get past a hard level. I’m betting your not replace them with the lost of connections

Apology red flask received.
This was fast.


Why are we not being compensated for a worldwide server outage???

@Miltz I saw a couple people mention getting compensation.

If you were affected, I suggest contacting Support:

Hi everyone, yes we have indeed sent compensation for those were affected by this issue (lost energy due to discontinued battle).


Yup, i was in the middle of the last level of Gems II [16WE lost] and got disconnected.
Yesterday I’ve received the red flask, thanks.


@Petri. I too got compensation, thank you.

I just ran the new update and now I’m unable to connect with the server.

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