[SOLVED] Game Outage / Server Issue Mar 4

I’m gonna start a thread and see who piles on. Probably nobody as they’ll all make there own. Anyone else have this issue?


Same problem in BRAZIL


It’s down again. I was told unable to connect to server


20 or more minutes in waiting


Yes. Just got thrown out of a quest.

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I just got booted out again ? Servers down Leon Spain!!

Yep, I was raiding… France by the way

Just went down on me while I was in the boss stage of the class quest!

Portugal here, also out of business

Yep kicked out of a raid in Ohio

Was right in the middle of a hero pull. I hope it went through before the crash.

Kicked out during a revenge raid

UK affected here by the way.

Same here
20 of these things

Just got booted out while in a raid.

I lost connection the game server couple of minutes ago. Changing network didn’t help. So, this is a server issue, I suppose.

Yep same here. Now to start 4 threads about it.

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Just got kicked because server was full. Was using my last flags to fill a chest. Will I be compensated?

Same from Australia! In the middle of a quest too :frowning:

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