[SOLVED] Game not loading after update (Android only, related to multiple accounts)

Did you already update the Google play games app?
That’s what helped many people within the thread here…


Updated game, reinstalled the game, update Google play. Reseted phone. Tried playing on different phone.

Should we try something else?

ned, 15. pro 2019. 12:21 BlackFR via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum smallgiantgames@discoursemail.com je napisao:

It worked for me too, thank you!

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Uninstalled and reinstalled google play games. It worked :slight_smile:

I was having this big issue with my first account since yesterday, fearing I’ll miss the free Christmas gift.
So I updated Google Play Games, as suggested, and…
Well, it worked, so I could get my free gift!


We Now have a resolve from our member he changed his Google play account password uninstalled and reinstalled Google play and it worked

all you need is simply to update google play games and its supposed to work


Has there been any resolve at all, any update would appreciated .
We Now have a resolve from our member he changed his Google play games account password uninstalled and reinstalled Google play games and it worked

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It’s not google play you need to update… its google play GAMES. They are different…
I hope it helps, follow the photo posted earlier. Everyone I have shared it with had said it worked for them.


Can anyone help me.to aolve problem in the game? I cant go in the game from my main avatar. It just roling and loading.

I’m not sure if this is the issue you are having or if it’s something else. This is the current issue affecting others.

If it’s a log on issue, you may have to contact SGG Directly. I’ll provide a link below. However, I’d suggest looking above some as you may find something that helps.

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Hooray - the new Google Play Games update has finally worked for me! :clap:

Seems like this was an issue from Google’s end. As other players have mentioned, Google has now released a new updated for Google Play Games app that should resolve this issue. Please make sure to update your Google Play Games app and other Google services!

I’ll mark this as solved.


Wonder how many (if any) apologies SG will get for the accusations made above… :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Thk you @petri, for looking in to this. Unfortunally this problem started whit te latest update. So it whas not clear where the problem came from. Glad its solved. Thank you anyway.


Finally a brilliant mind!! Thank you!!

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@Guvnor Considering it almost took four and a half days for small giant to make a statement I would probably say not as many as they would have if they handled it in a more timely fashion. That’s just my opinion but I’m still upset that I lost out on a rare Titan, multiple deals, lost a war. I do understand where you are attempting to go though with this.

I was going to just read and ignore but you tagged me so want me to see it :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally don’t think they could or were able to do more than what they did for a problem not of their making.

The staff (and moderators and regulars) put up numerous possible solutions.
The Devs quickly said that it’s an issue and started looking into it.

Obviously they couldn’t find a solution/fix cause the issue wasn’t of their making so 4 days for the issue to be “resolved” by SG staff is pretty good imo.

The communication was there, y’all just gotta read for it.

Finally, RE the rare titan, did you submit a support ticket as zephyr suggested?

First moderator post:

first post by Petri (staff):

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I do understand this is way above my paygrade and trying to find all the glitches and bugs and stuff. The crazy thing is and one of my post I talk to Google on several occasions adding up to about four hours. Of course they said it wasn’t their issue that my account not being recognized was the third party gaming issue. However all that being said I was being The Devil’s Advocate for lack of a better term. After updating the Google Play it did resolve the issue so obviously it was their fault. I know this is a huge game and don’t expect compensation for something that wasn’t SG fault.
However I did submit a ticket but they only recognized lost account part and didn’t offer anything else for the deals and such I missed. It’s part of life but I do appreciate a genuine response. You could have taken that a whole nother Direction kudos to you. :clap::clap::clap: @Guvnor

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