[SOLVED] Game not loading after update (Android only, related to multiple accounts)

Works with second phone

Indeed, a 2nd phone logs right in… wich makes me wonder what the update did to my original that cant be solved by clearing the cache files :confused:

Ya lo solucione, hice una copia de seguridad del teléfono y después lo puse de fabrica, volví a poner la copia de seguridad y listo

I have same issue but ican log to it by use app like multiple accounts only

Yeah my main account is also frozen. I was going to remove it but as it is the alliance leader I cant leave my crew allianated from free reign. So if you could just fix this problem soon that would be great hahahahhah

Hi.why i can to connect with my acount on my device?

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Is some problems whith server or what?

Hello. I cannot access my alt account since few hours.

Hi, when will you fix the problem? Update did not help


I experience the same issue, before and after the update on an android 9 device. but can log in to my main account on an android 7 device, even after updating the app.

Second phone works even for single account that is weird …new install with the latest

Yea i cant access my main account either and dont have identifier number hope you locate issue, I am level 38.

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Solo hacer copia de seguridad y restaurar el teléfono a fábrica. Después instalar copia de seguridad y ya esta

Same problem. Cant log in to my main acc

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@petri Either cancel the war, or solve the problem already


Io sono accesso con fB ma ugualmente non riesco entrare(

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Seen a new update 12 hours ago. 25.1.2 build 1212. This wont work for me. So day 2 that i connot access my main account.

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Having the same issue Here

@zephyr1 @Petri new patch didn’t work. It seems like it’s making it farther with the loading but still crashes. Thanks for the link to start a ticket.

hola amigos tengo una solución para ingresar a su cuenta principal, mientras solucionan el problema, instalen (parallel space) y duplican el juego, luego ingresan al juego y se conectan con la cuenta de play juegos y listo asunto resuelto, a mi me sirvió.

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