[Solved] Flash offer doesn't show troop token

Flash offer comes with epic troop token. But it’s not listed in the offer.

Nice must be a special surprise then

Very nice surprise indeed!
I just noticed that too.

Thank you for the report! The Troop Token is indeed included in the offer, unfortunately the popup is not showing it. Please note that you do receive the token, if you purchase this offer today. We’ll fix the offer popup for the next flash offer!


This means the usual value is $8
As gems are valued at 0.01 then 1 tornado and 1 mana pot is valued at $6.

Fwiw alliance member in UK reports his special includes an epic troop token.

Was there a hidden token in US or maybe there was an error in this offer?

There is a epic troop token in this offer


The offer doesn´t include an epic troop token. I´m from Argentina. And asked to my alliance members in Spain and they confirm it too.

Mine came with an epic troop token

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The Epic token is not shown, but it is indeed there

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I got the token




There was an epic token in brazilian offer

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Yeah i was wondering too as i get one (not complaining) xD

Can be closed here then