[SOLVED] Fiend make counter attack do more damage

Normally, if target have 100 hp left with 125% counter attack and your sniper kill it with 800 damage, the target will deal 125 counter damage to your sniper not 1000.

This isn’t my video but I found the bug.

In video, at 9:58, Scarlett deal 292 damage to Caedmon with 125% counter attack and Aodhan’s fiend. Caedmon deal 365 counter damage to Scarlett (292 x 125% = 365). This will be possible if Caedmon have exactly 292 hp left and there is no bug.

And at 10:00, Eichelberg deal 379 damage to Cyprian who almost die with 125% counter attack and Aodhan’s fiend. Cyprian deal 473 counter damage to Eichelberg (379 x 125% = 473). I don’t think Cyprian have exactly 379 hp left. And he suppose to deal much less counter damage than that.

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Cyprian+20 can go to ~1546 HP depending on emblem path chosen. We don’t know the exact HP b/c budman didn’t show the card but it was a +20 Cyprian. We also don’t know what troop was equipped. If we assume it was the 3* purple reanimated fighters troop, that troop gives +2%HP at lvl1 and +5%HP at lvl 20. If it was a 3* purple reanimated knights troop, that troop gives +5%HP at lvl 1 AND +10% HP at lvl 20.

Therefore a Cyprian+20 with 1546 HP has between 1576 to 1701 HP after troop bonus

Now if we take a look at the total damage inflicted on the enemy Cyprian before Eichelborg fired:
6 dmg from off color tiles
451 from Cillian
370 from c.Colen
257 from Aodhan
89 from burn
25 from fiend
138 from Scarlett

Total damage received = 6+451+370+257+89+25+138 = 1336 damage

1701-1336 = 365 HP
1576-1336 = 240 HP

It’s possible the fiend is somehow getting counted like a minion with HP and is incorporated into the reflected damage.


Thank you for calculation.

However, I don’t think this Cyprian have 250+ left before Eichelborg fired.

As you can see Cyprian’s Hp bar from image, it is almost empty. Unless that Cyprian have 2500+ Max Hp. It is impossible for him to have Hp bar like that and have 379 Hp left.

Yes, that is what I think.

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It’s possible if the visual of the HP bar is not accurately representing the real HP that the hero has at the time. It would then be a visual bug :man_shrugging:

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Yes, HP bar is not accurately but I think it is enough for this case.

Anyway, I think I need someone to test this again since I don’t have any fiend heroes.

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@Petri Could you conform if this work as intent or not ?

I think I need someone to test this again to show if it is really bug or not.

This was indeed a bug, thank you for the report! We fixed it in v42, so the fix is live now.

  • Fixed an issue where the counterattack brought more damage to the enemies when the counterattacking hero had a fiend

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