[SOLVED] Festival Bonus Chest Tooltip Doesn't Include Crafting Materials

All Bonus chests only appear Talent

@Petri Can you check for me?

Exactly the same results for me. I opened all 10 Festival Bonus Chests and each one contained 20-50 class emblems and two pieces of crafting material.

The chests shouldn’t even contain crafting material right? Clicking on the chest it lists Limit Break Materials, Ascension Materials, Class Emblems, Food Bundles and Trainer Heroes as possible content.

Has anyone received anything other than emblems and crafting material?

Key word is can contain, doesn’t say will contain LB materials, AMs etc :thinking: .


I think you haven’t updated the Chest tooltip as in Beta we had the Black Friday Summon Chest for testing, and that could contain these items, but later you mentioned it will contain items like above on the screenshot.

Beta Announcement:

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Thank you for the report. We’ll look into fixing the tooltip as soon as possible, the chest can contain only Crafting Materials and Emblems. My apologies for this issue!


We have now fixed the incorrect tooltip, I’ll mark this topic as solved.


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