[SOLVED] Facebook Login error

Today when i logged this error popped up, as i see and others players from around the world facing same problem.


Same here. Got it all morning.

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I am not sure if this is issue related to SG or Facebook related.
Maybe @Petri can confirm.

Same here. Looks like a general issue

perhaps only 4 of us facing same problem

Definitely not! I’ve read some players in line groups they have the same issue

Hello, thanks for the report. This is a known issue and we’re currently working with the parties involved to get this resolved as soon as we can.

Please do note that your game progress is synced with your Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (Android) login, not your Facebook connection.

I’ll mark this as a known issue now.


Well that’s funny when I had an issue last year I called up Google Play. They told me that they did not maintain game progress and that they were mainly there to facilitate purchases. So that makes the statement you just made a…

Count me in as another user seeing this issue.

Yeah i had this too what is Facebook ?


Hi i am having the same problem not loging in with Facebook for about 24hr now

I am also facing the same problem :cry:

Mod edit - showing #123abc number

Same issue for me. I cleared permissions and was told it was in development and not supported.

What exactly is facebook login good for? I’ve been playing for four years and never was aware about this facebook login thing. I figure it can’t be of great importance.

At first if you logged in with Facebook it gave you 50 gems, as the game has a fb page of it’s own my guess is that’s the connection found recently this video of their Casting Richard so funny

I have also been having this issue for a couple of days now

This problem should be fixed now, so I’ll mark this issue as solved.