[SOLVED] Extra Compass as Reward (Challenge Festival I)

Just clicked on finished challenge event to verify my late ranking and got a compass, this means i got wrong loot and this is how they compensate?

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It is also reported here:
*📘 [MASTER] Challenge Festival (I) Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results - #703 by Quiet

I am asking Staff about it.

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didn’t checked the thread i only checked the bugg category and didn’t saw it, tnx :hugs:

I have opened the CF1 too, and now I have received it too.

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Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this here!


I spoke with support and didnt get any reason for it yet in game @Petri. I spoke with Annie (SG support) but CC doesnt work as intended coz she said its a loot and “closed ticket”

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I am still waiting for Support’s answer.

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Anyone knows the origin of this? Or it happened to you too recently? Just appeared as I clicked Challenge event after almost 3 hours I collected rewards.

I think spamming it on every topic will only give you a warning/suspension rather than raise more awareness about the issue. I think most of the people already know about it and the staff also said they will work on this. If there is no answer before the next event, then it’s probably a better time to bring this issue up.

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You can vote with your “fingers” and delete the game. There is no coercion to play this game.

You’re not raising awareness to anything though. Why would anyone click on a link not showing where it directs to on a public forum? Could direct to any number of scam sites without knowing. If you’ve a message you want to put out do it. Adding links without describing what it’s to is dumb.

I came out of the one where people add links to all manner of sites and hide them as other links. There’s a way to add a link so as people can see what they are redirecting to. No good linky = no clicky. Pretty simple

Anyway that’s been some good enjoyment for the last few minutes of lunch break. Back to work for me

I got it too
But i think devs are working to fix it

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@Dudeious.Maximus should this be merged with Wrong loot in challenge event? as i got a compass by clicking the finished CF1?


i didn’t saw this post in buggs category, actualy i couldn’t as it is in general discussion category but definetly same thing

Yea, that’s why I asked for a merge in the first place you know :grimacing::sweat_smile:

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i know but can they be merged if they are not in the same category?

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Yea I think that’s no problem for the mods. :+1:

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I have just received an answer from Support.

They have resolved the issue.
Everyone can keep the extra Compass.

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UPDATE: There was a brief issue that resulted in a Compass being given as loot. This was fixed shortly after being noticed. Please note - this Compass had no impact on your Challenge Festival rewards and you are more than welcome to keep it! We would like to thank you for taking the time to let us know!

I’ll mark this topic as solved now.