[SOLVED] Enemies Turning Invisible (with Counter Attack & Self-Healing)

I attacked someone and kill all heroes but when arena was empty I still was able to move puzzles and I was defeated!! I won this raid but game show me loss… is it bug of new versions or smth???


Sounds like a bug. I’m changing your title, if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

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I feel a bit sad cause I lost 11 troops and I had opportunity to get 50 :joy:

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Same just happened to me I defeated all enemies but it still let me attack I got hit it said defeat then I had to waste 75 gems just for the game to say victorious even though I didn’t attack anymore after that

Mine glitched on the final level of the morlovia rare quest I was bummed because I had to pay 75 gems even though I won first

It happened with me as well. On Morlovia rare quest level 5 I just defeated all the monsters and bosses when the game continued to attack me. I did not sent 75 gem to go back because I didn’t want to lose against this bug again , but I already used many of my rare items like revive scrolls, super healings, bomb attacks, which is very-very frustrating! Is there any chance for some kind of compensation or we have to accept that this items have been lost?

The same bug: When Raid to opponent I killed all heroes but last one (Leonidas) stroke to Boril’s counterattack he died but his ghost healed and the battle was continuing against his ghost. Finally I won Raid but it was funny.

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I play at 23.4 stage, finish a stage, and defeat all enemies, but nothing, I get defeated, use to much potions, and other battle items. It’s an Error

I also had this glitch happen on the final stage of the Moldovia quest yesterday

YEs that has happned to me at least a dzen times since i started playing

Happened to me twice now and it is frustrating losing after you already won.

I had same issue, continued fighting trying to capture screen shot, minimised game instead when it returned the ghost hero suddenly appeared. I have screenshots if it helps

Hope this helps sort the bug

This just happened to me too

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Naturally, the first place I would check is FAQ:


After that, I would file a trouble ticket with SG support:


Thank you for reporting, this is happening when counter attack and self-healing is enabled. We will fix the issue in 1.15. My apologies for the problem!


Same bug. Specifically occurred against Elkanen.

Happened twice to me with counter today. Enemy was gone but still attacking & attackable.


i cant stop laughing lmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao


Wow, that’s pretty crazy

It’s happened again!!! :rage: