[SOLVED] Dutch Translation Issue: Path of Valor Daily Mission (9 Mar)

Make 5 super antidotes (super tegengiften in dutch) are not reconized as done daily mission


Yup, not working at all. Also from The netherlands, so not sure if it’s local. :stuck_out_tongue:

Might be a translation issue. In English it just says ‘antidotes’ not super antidotes. So, just craft the smallest ones


From friends i heard it should be the small antidotes instead of the big ones


Let’s try that than! Bedankt!

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can I apply somewhere to do payed translation services? Still so many faults in the game in dutch and this is one of them.

Before completing the antidotes craft, the quest will ask to craft superantigiffen

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What do we need to produce, I produced 5 but nothing haappens?

small antidotes have to be made

maybe something to check @Petri

Thank you for the report and my apologies for the issue!

We are looking into fixing the Dutch translation here as soon as possible. It should indeed say Antidotes, not Super Antidotes.


while at it might want to correct “antigiften” in the forge

This hould be fixed now! Please restart your game. :slight_smile:


forge is still wrong (tegengiffen)

I crafted a small antidote; first I did more than 5. Nothing happened. Then I did exactly 5, and still nothing happened. I’ve experienced other bugs, so I guess I will have to start playing the game with a pen and notebook handy.

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