[SOLVED] Display glitch during raids (1.12)

Encountered this display glitch several times while raiding, after installing the latest update.

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Totally normal during an upgrade cut-over. It should go away once everyone updates to the latest version…
Just play “Guess that hero” for now…

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I’m curious why that happens during a cut-over, what’s behind it?

You can long-press the hero to know what they are if you can’t tell from the outline of course :slight_smile:


Or when it rains.
This obviously doesn’t have anything to do with not everyone having updated.


I’m sure they’ll patch it soon like always…

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I am playing the game now and have been raided twice while active in the game. I thought you could only be attacked while inactive.

Second my first attack was over an hour ago and the person has been inactive for 32 minutes. I went to revenge attack and I receive this message “You cannot attack “player name” right now. Reroll?” …But they are not currently active and they attacked me first!

I signed out and signed back in and still can not revenge. What gives dev?

Players with the latest game version can’t revenge attack players who haven’t updated yet.

Who’s that Pokémon?

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Me too !!!

We have now released an update for Android which should resolve this issue. Please update your game! iOS update is coming shortly.


Pretty much what the title says.

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same, earlier i revenged a team, but their wu is only silhouette, unfortunately forgot to take ss tho.

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Happened again, coincidentally, with Wukong this time, like you

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Seen silhouettes in the hero preview screen in the summoning screen.

I’ve seen this as well. Unfortunately I did not make a screenshot.

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Yeah I saw this happen to Grimm twice.

Cool new Shadow-Heroes!


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