[SOLVED] Demon summoned by Zhuge Liang is not attacking the enemy, but rather the allies

I don’t have Zhuge Liang or Costume version but one of my member says Zhuge Liang C fiend gives damages to his team instead of enemies. He gave me his video link blow, around 3:25 and 4:12, you can see those damages to allies. I don’t see any enemies has passive or other skills to give such damages so I guess something is wrong here.


Thx, I am pssing it to Staff.


Hi, thanks for the report! This issue will be fixed in the new version 68 update, which is currently being rolled out. I’ll mark this topic as solved now.


Thank you, that’s good to know. I will let him know.
Also, thank you for your fast reacting, @PlayForFun


Dear devs,
C. Zhuge Liang’s fiends attack hero’s teammates, like minions.
If needed, I can show exact parameter in config file where error occured.

Guys, that’s ridiculous, these are basic QA checks.
Noone bothered to do the very basic testing :(((

@Petri @PlayForFun @ChuckSG

This has already been fixed in V68, according to Staff.

I have merged your post to the topic, where @Petri has told us this.


unfortunately it has not been resolved, demons continue to do no damage to enemies, and I have the latest version of the game V68.

Ok, I am notifing Staff about it

Good night guys! all good? So, I’m getting the impression that hero Zhuge Liang’s Demons aren’t damaging enemies, anyone else with this impression?

Have a look at this thread…

Apparently it’s resolved in the latest version.

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Hello good evening, about the hero Zhuge Liang, his demons are not causing damage, on the contrary, they are acting as helpers for the enemies, I reported the problem on the forum, but they said that everything was already resolved, with the V68, but no It’s true, the problem persists.

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