[SOLVED] Delilah's/Thoth-Amun's minions do not do damage

I just used Delilah in a “collect battle items” quest. I noticed her minions attacks weren’t doing much damage. So I checked opponent health before attack and after and there was no change. Screen show’s the minions attack and how much damage it should do, but opponents health didn’t change


I noticed that problem also…

Same here. Her minions not working since the update.

arghhh war starts tomorrow… I like my lvl 80 Delila but now she is useless

Same problem here since update

@Petri Please look. Same problem

Yes. Same problem. Only Android. Please fix it until tomorrow.

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The health reading skips to the end value immediately(you can test this by sending tiles towards a low health opponent and quickly checking the health, should show 0). That should explain why the reading does not chance.
Atleast my Deli works ok.

Edit: Ok looked at the screens more carefully, and it is a clear bug(makes me wonder how it happens as I didn’t have any problem). Have you made a bug report?

Nope, the problem is also on iOS, so it’s general

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I have an android and just used her and she works for me

You have the new update?

I thought I did. I just updated it. It deleted the game off my phone so I had to redownload it. Delilahs attack is now not working on mine as well

iOS here. And all minions on all three Delilah are not hitting.

@Petri please help

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I have to disagree here. It looks from the screenshots they are hitting. But they’re doing fake damage.


Someone in the german chat are reporting that Thot-Amuns minions are broken as well.

Ah yes of course, the patch. That did it for me as well. Send a bug report, let’s hope they fix it fast.

Thoth also not working. Seems all minions have been replaced with Red Hoods non-damage ones?

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Just tried my Thoth too. He isn’t working


Yeah this is what i had in mind too. Something is messed up with the fox from Red Hood

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Same in raids

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