[Solved]Defeat Season 2 Enemies II Mission- Not retroactive?


The new missions are to kill minions and bosses from the first 3 provinces in season 2. In my case, the Stegosaurus was partially retroactive and displays 5 kills. I dont know how many I actually killed but it should be at least 18. As there are 9 stages with the stegosaurus and I’ve defeated it on both normal and hard.
Meanwhile it also counted zero kills on Undead Privateer.

Others have reported theirs were fully retroactive with the missions already partially/mostly completed. Any way this can be fixed?


I think, that has been activated after you have finished first mission. So that is, why haven’t get point from every kill. :wink:


That makes perfect sense and lines up with what I remember. After finishing the first quests, I recall only returning to S2 to play 3-5 for the fire monsters (that level happens to have stegosaurus)

Good thinking Lulu!