[Solved] Debuff not working properly

I just fired twice wilbur’s effect, twice. And it did nothing on ennemies. In this picture i fired wilbur’s special for a second time. No def -, no spirit link. This sas on a war battle. Btw there where 2 heroes alive when he fired his special for first time. No spirit link.

I have no dispellers in this battle, enemy had no cleanser.

similar bug with heroes that apply def - : Tiburtus for example.

Wilbur is blinded and blind can even make miss offensive special skills :confused:


Wooops, i missed that little detail, how could i missed that ? XD. Im “blind” (XD) theses days. Maybe because i got so many buffs that i dont pay attention to them.

Or it’s because of that graphical bug that affect heroes that lower defense. And i have paranoia because of that.

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