[SOLVED] Crush of Hel prevents Slash of Seven Blades from working


When Hel was first released, her Special Abililty, Crush of Hel would lock out enemy heroes even when their special bar was full.

This was patched now a hero with a full bar can still use their ability when under the effects of Hel’s attack.

If Crush of Hel is used on an enemy Hero, and then Li Xiu’s Slash of Seven Blades, the enemy Hero’s special bar will not decrease at all. It is as if Crush of Hel locked it in place. This bug does not occur to heroes with partial special bars, only ones at full.

See screen shot below, Enemy Tiburtus is still full.

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@Petri @RubiKinga @mhalttu any word on this?


Hey devs,

I’ve had an issue with raiding mostly dealing with Hel and Li Xiu together.

When I use my Hel’s special first and Li Xiu’s special second, the debuff from Hel applies, but the mana is not decreased when Li Xiu casts her special (on the defense heroes that have Hel’s debuff).

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I made a post in mine from earlier, linking all three topics on this together. Hopefully we’ll get some news. I’ve done this on accident and lost a match when a Groot wiped out my team. If I’d dropped his mana first and then locked him, it would have been an easy win.


Yeah it’s happened too many times for me to count.

I also had a raid that the defense had Hel, used her special, and my team never lost the debuff. Thankfully I was able to kill the team, but Hel has many issues right now, it seems.


@Petri @RubiKinga @mhalttu


Thanks @Coppersky :smiley:


Have noticed when fighting against Hel in PvP, some of my heroes do not gain mana after her effects wore off or if they were not even effected by it in the first place.

Big bug. Really impacted my fight.


Thanks for reporting, we have slain this bug now and the issue will be fixed in the next update!



I noticed this morning that on the turn in which Hel’s bar was full, some heroes were prevented from gaining just BEFORE being attacked.