[Solved] Crashes on Android (Nov 16)


I started the Mystic Vision and watched the advertising. After I closed the advertising with the x button the game crashed.
I already cleaned the cache, closed all other apps and restarted my phone (Oneplus 5 with Android 7.1.1) but still the same problem.

Any suggestions how to fix this?

Cannot load app

Have the same problem. Since 20 Min. (I use a Samsung with Android).


I have the same problem as well, since about 10 minutes. For me it didn’t happen after Mystic Vision. Restarting the app or rebooting the phone doesn’t help, the app crashes again right after loading. I sent a crash report including the system logs.

Phone: Lenovo P2
Android: 7.0
App version: 1.8.1

Edit: it works again (at least at this moment)


Yep. Was in the middle of a raid and Same crash issue here too. And now it continues to Keep crashing every time I launch even after I cleaned cache and restarted. Looks like this is an issue on SG side imo. Let’s hope somebody sees this thread and fixes it asap.
P.S: Wonder what time is it now in Finland? If SG devs are still around? :thinking:


I was just in game…


At the moment it works, but told me to login into the google account, what i already have done months ago. when i was trying to connect to google, i got a network connection error. after another reboot of my phone and a few crashes, is all seems to work. very strange because my network connection works…


An alliance member also just posted in chat so definitely not game wide


I just got in now. So I guess somebody fixed it or it may have corrected itself lol
back to my raiding :sunglasses:


We believe we have fixed the issue causing crashes on Android devices, please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Is anyone else having an issue with the app loading today? I cannot get it to work and am wondering if it is the app or something else.


We are good now with my Android device. Appreciate the quick resolving. Thanks Petri :+1::sunglasses:


no many players that was fighting the titan game crash. so in a way problem not solved. how about a sorry for inconvenience one of each energy flasks in the inbox.