[SOLVED] Costume Grimm Attack Buff classed as an Ailment (Frida & Raffaele resist; blocked by Vanda & Garnet)

Frida resists the att butf from costumed Grimm which is clearly a bug

@Guvnor how can make SG correct the bug?

I’d like to see pics including the details for Grimm when his costume attack buff is active before I would accept that I think. If his little window says attack +50%, it’s working. And what does Frida say? “resist all negative buffs???”

Resist attack ailments.

Screen with Raffaele, he resists attack buff.

How is this solved? Att buff is not ailment…

Even more bugs. While protected from Garnet cGrimm is not giving att buff to nearby. Am thinking that SG just completely messed this one and plays it like ailment instead of a buff

It seems than Grimm’s buff is incorrectly marked as aliment. So, any aliment prevention (Rigard cleanse, Raffele immunity, Garnet block) works against it.

I’ve messaged staff & adjusted the OP title to be more clear.

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Proof from my sides…

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Thank you for the report! We are currently investigating this here.


I am facing an issue where Grimm Costume who’s supposed to provide +50% attack to caster and nearby allies doesn’t affect Frida. You can see how Frida resists attack boost by Grimm Costume. How to solve this issue? Issue encountered : 9.40pm (GMT+8)

@Guvnor has already sent a message about this to the staff in a similar topic.


A terrible bug. Did the staff want to make us laugh?

This issue has been now fixed. I’ll mark this as solved.

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I think they get bored and decide to wind us up to see hilarity in the forums. :laughing:

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