[SOLVED] Continuing Event Battle with Gems (12/July)


me too……


Hi! I do Epic 10 in event and lost 75gems twice, because I use the fight anyway I dont know this bug, the first 75gem revive the heroes, and the window jumped again I had been choice give up Or fighth anyway 75gem …


Same here. How do we get our gems back? I lost 75 gems twice. I thought I miss clicked the first time. I was only at rare lvl 1 boss .


The same happened to me.


Translation (Italian): I am in the same situation, to finish the epic venture I used 75 gems. He climbed them without making me continue. I want, please, be the gems that the lives spent! Thank you


Lost sets of gems getting to complete upper levels. epic. I thought it was fixed but I was charged double so I lost 150 or more gems. Not fair to newer players who need Continuing to move forward.


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Please read:


@rook, what happened here?
Are 2 threads merged? This was the treading toppic and now is about the gem problem?
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Look at the thread title. We are wonk-free. :slight_smile:


Das gleiche Problem im Event Level 9 Diamanten nicht angenommen und sich nicht mehr gerührt.
Bekommt man die Irgendwie zurück ha 2mal versucht zu investieren und es klappte beide Male nichts und die ganzen Items die sind natürlich auch fürn Arsch. Level schon extrem schwer und kaum lösbar mit meinen Krieger und dann sowas.


Wouldn’t it be better to close this thread since players apparently don’t have to report this issue to the support/post on the forum (Petri stated they can solve it & return the gems to people based on their logs and no-one have to send a ticket)?


No; then they will create a bunch of threads which will be gathered into one thread…like this one. Better to leave it open until the situation is resolved (folks are still having issues). :slight_smile:

The resolution is given above.


Bonjour, le problème n est pas résolu car cette nuit j ai perdu une 1 er fois 75 gemmes pour ressuscité et ce matin encore une fois. Les héros ressucitent mais le message reste affiché et impossible de jouer sion n abandonne pas ou si on ne redépense pas les 75 gemmes. En tout j ai perdu 150 gemmes


This just happened to me as well.