[SOLVED] Continuing Event Battle with Gems (12/July)

Lost jems 75 carry on jems spent in latest quest chalenge event.Rare lvl8 .pop up froze. jems used team regen pop up would not move shut down etc. With only one shot need to finish lvl. Only thing that worked was leave quest.So lost regen 75 jems and 5 energy points and lvl unfinished.


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I also lost 150 gems in two fights in the event.

I am still losing gems during the events. I get charged twice when continuing after defeat.

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I fully agree with the alliance trading… unlimited trades of everything works for me.
A possible reason to be in an alliance in the first place.

Another alliance idea could be alliance battles over the course of a day or two and points issued for wins and losses based on character power levels.

Troops in this game right now seem foolish and serve no purpose right now. Maybe have a way of upgrading them to higher tier troops.


I like the idea. Definitely something the developers should consider bringing into the game.


I’m agree this idea, but not for everything thinks trade. It made to easy for new players.
I’m a leader and I feel that it’ll divisions in our alliance. Someone give you 4* but another need this too. Exchange is good of troops, raw materials, items, maybe 3* characters, but not for 4*+…


Nope, no limits! 3* 4* 5 *, does not matter. If a team member or leader wishes to help out a new player with an extra 4 or 5 star that should be the right of that alliance to do so.

There is no down side to this AT ALL!!! Even Rebus, you as a leader, you know you’d help your weaker team member if you could.

This is a great feature that would benefit all players in alliances and make the game more fun.


Resources and ingredients sure, why not. Those are just a transport grind.

But if you start trading heros/troops then you take away part of the game-learning experience. If you never start small, then you risk not grasping the basics.

I do understand the frustration though.


“if you start trading heros/troops then you take away part of the game-learning experience. If you never start small, then you risk not grasping the basics.”

Alright, lets break this down…

“take away part of the game-learning experience”

  • You get a tutorial at the beginning and then before you can join an alliance you have to out on your own for at least till what level 6 or 10, something like that. Spoiler alert, you get PLENTY of game learning experience.-

" If you never start small, then you risk not grasping the basics"
-a new player can’t take advantage of this possible feature with out learning to busted their behind to get to the level that will open the Alliance features. Even then most alliances won’t let total new people in unless they have the right amount of cups or team power-

One of the biggest problems with the game is while there is a path to get 3s. You can play and grind your way to a 3 no problem. Then that all ends when it comes to 4s. It’s spend not hours but weeks to get the 300 gems needed to get that 4 or 5 you need and then there is no guarantee you will ever get a 4* in the epic or special summons. Oh don’t talk to me about training camp level 13, that only gives you a 3-5% chance to get a 4*. There is no skill here.

Trade everything in alliances does not take away part of the game-learning experience AT ALL. Trade everything does not rob new players of starting small, thus risking not grasping the basics.

Trade everything in Alliances will make the game experience so much more fun, rewarding and
make being a part of social alliance so much better.

Sorry but still only good arguments for this feature.


Can we get a developer’s comment on this? We need to make this happen!


Trading for stronger heroes will never happen because there will be no incentive for low level players to purchase gems to try to obtain stronger heroes. There are people in alliances with tons of 4* and 5* duplicates. If they just give trade them to low level players then it would make things way too easy for them. Also what is to prevent a user to create 10 alternate accounts and grind to 300 gems to try and get a 5* card to trade to their main account? This is the reason why most games don’t allow trading it cuts into profits for the game.

I see an option of trading or donating crafting items to people within the same alliance. Just like in Clash Royale you can donate a certain number of troops to clan members every 12 hours. Not sure if anyone would ever trading ascension materials since they are so rare though.


@Jaz9999: Why not use the day or weekly limit as a way to control how much is “given” away? As you stated, it is used to control the amount of trade goods in other games. Maybe make it so a player can only receive X amount in any given week. This means someone who is in a hurry will still buy gems. Those of us who are willing to grind it out without cash will not have bought the gems with or without trades/gifts.

Just a thought. :relaxed:


That’s an excellent idea! Definitely solves the profit concern.

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Ok I have the same need I agree that the alliance must have something more than just killing Titan very simple would give a life to the game


Conceptually, this is an AWESOME idea. Realistically though… This game (we ALL know it) is a PAY TO WIN model. Allowing free trading promotes the players to assist each other in areas that the developer currently cash in on. Now, i am not at all saying its a bad thing that they make money… Perhaps changing from pay to win to subscribe?.. Add features like alliance trading or private trading even for subscription players?.. I would pay a few dollars every 3 mnths… If the features were worth it… I


Ahhh dude, don’t ruin it!


Or they could just charge a small number of Gems to make a trade or gift. That way, if I want to give away a 3 Star to one of my Alliance members and it cost me say 25 Gems to do so, I would not be doing that very often. Or I would be buying Gems, the outcome you claim they want. :relaxed:


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