[SOLVED] Constant reconnection to Google Play Games

Been experiencing this too since the last major update.

Also, possibly/probably coincidental the battery drain seems worse now.

Yes, it seems that it now drains the battery when you aren’t actively playing it, and it never used to be so. The app consumes many more resources, and while I get that there is more things going on all the time, it is still a match 3 game.

at 10 am im disconnected in middle of raid battle and from that moment not possible to enter the game, changed wifi and mobile data. i was disconnected right in 10am
its maintenance breakdown or is some problem, anyone else?

Mod personal information in ss

same on farming valhalla

@marki hide your account number; you will get hacked

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Same issue here, cannot reconnect even though my wifi is working for all other applications and devices.

it’s a problem on SG server side; tried on 2 devices

also can’t access the game, perfectly solid net, and always the same message.

Are you sure… the likely answer will be… sorry, but it’s your fault
:rofl: :rofl:

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i am sure, but hey if SG is gonna be a d$%# about it, won’t be the 1st and not the last (my valhalla AM ches is till 3/10, after i did a 8/10 x10pull… ticket done… crap answers, etc…)

(that’s the community with their real game related problems(not talking about nerfing, unfair and all the other crap) ) >>> moving on

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Hi. Did you investigate?

Excellent guess. :wink:

Its in the next update its in the beta thread of things to be fixed :+1:

Yup, it’s happening with me too. Adding my name to the growing list. :point_up:t2:

Exactly the same problem + swapping between apps on my phone gets me constantly disconnected which is really annoying.

This issue should be fixed in the new update (version 42). Please let us know here if you still experience this after updating to the latest version!


This is not solved. It still reconnect it for me, and most of my teammates. Any solution?

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