[SOLVED] Constant reconnection to Google Play Games

Dear devs,
There’s a mass issue with constant reconnection of Android accounts to GPlay Games.

I’m talking about a message on top of the screen like “Greetings DonationMonster123” (picture below).
Previously it appeared once after login.
Now it appears many times, I’m not sure why and when.
But it gets real annoying, and it affects many (if not every) android players.


I know, it’s a minor issue, but kindly ask you to investigate.
Thank you!
@Petri , @KiraSG


Yes, I think after every battle, as soon as the last enemy hero is killed

Happening to me all the time as well. It is worrisome.

Yeah me too it’s happening for a while now and it’s annoying !!

I’ve noticed this happening too after the latest update. I though it was just my phone and reboot it when I notice but that hasn’t helped.

I sent ticket about it. Received an autoreply what comes always when I report a bug, then resent that and answer was that they are working on it. Hopefully get it work soon coz its annoying

I asked is it their or googles issue, so waiting reply

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Same issue here, happens every time after I finish lvl or titan attack

wait its not just me? awesome so its a bug.

Have noticed this myself.
How does it show up on other games you play on…

it doesnt ,and i play the other sg game that feels alot like this one without the issue


As the game mostly occurs on the client device, communication between game centre is only required to transfer results or game server requests. Imo, it isn’t a bug. It works seamlessly…

Though that would make sense - it’s never done this before (in the three years I’ve been playing). When auto-farming Atlantis it is particularly annoying because you can’t click past the banner until it goes away.
It doesn’t happen every time, but often enough to be frustrating.


Tbh, that little message is often how I know the game has me logged in and it’s not like gonna have Lepiota (instead of Dark Lord) about my progress being lost if I don’t sign in.

It constantly showing up makes me think it’s constantly connecting and disconnecting. I hope this isn’t something serious, like the earlier lagging issue.

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Same problem. Every step in the game this annoying greeting appears.

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Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this from our side.


I have the same problem.

Still happening on V 41.0.2


I got the connection to google play games fast enough, the 15 seconds before I could do anything after that was pretty irritating.

Oh and they seem to have changed basic game mechanics again, just after I figured out the last mess they released.

Noticed this happening on my device whenever I play Tower of Magic stages and not really any others.

Also, for the longest period of time, the connection to Google Play is constantly the major culprit of what’s slowing down my game. There will be times when I can do something minimal like hitting the alliance tab to check out the chats, before any screen pops up, the game will halt, until perhaps 15 to 20 seconds later to try to sign into Google Play, and if and when it finally connects is when I can proceed to actually do anything in the game.

Time is valuable, your finger’s muscle memories/reflexes tend to want to do several things in sequence and move on to the next, but the slow down caused by Google Play sign in very often causes the incorrect parts of the screen to be tapped, most often would be one of the many pop up purchases.

The game version in the past have not depended this heavily on being synchronized with Google Play as it does now. There is also still quite a bit of the graphical glitches that has some words on the screen (mostly energies display, in-battle item counts, alliance member names, Titan HP, War progress, etc.) are showing up as incomplete, and most of the time a few auto farmed stages will solve the issue (only for it to happen again the next few times you boot up the game). Still kind of annoying though.

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