[SOLVED] Connection error - 12 August 2020 --- STAFF response post 1135

Do something about the lagging!!! @JonahTheBard @KiraSG please s’il vous plait, aub, por favor

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others are complaining too, if it wasn’t so i would check my internet connection more often…

Damn it!!! remove the old hammershark DB server and install a faster one… jeezzzz

I’m not the Messiah; I’m a very naughty boy…

In that, I’m just a player with some access rights to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, @JonahTheBard my friend… i know but stupid things occur since partially of the DB was lost… here is another example we come across lately and more often

You see that all the names are not there??? noboy left the alliance -lol-

the game is slow and stops sometimes too

Another issue I heard from another leader is that sometimes the titan is defeated and it does not show but when you log off and log on, it is there

So @KiraSG Please forward this to tech support too… You guys need to keep it up and restore the gameplay like it was before doomsday wednesday, ok?! please??

They did not fix what happened then. I lost a bunch of progress, lost feeders. Then got 20 stupid legendary coins.

But hey, you wrote “please”, maybe that will work.

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thought this discussion took a hard left turn for a minute…




Dear SG,

I am again being honest here and I must say that the LIVE balance of august does improve the gameplay like it was before doomsday wednesday -lol- So it seems that it is not lagging no more, although the screen with the names when we hit the titan sometimes stays empty (detail)

So, SG (@KiraSG) your effort do pay off and I am glad, so a BIG hank you is in order here :slight_smile:

I think we can put a lock on this topic now, right?!

p.s. thank you for the gifts, keep 'm coming -lol-

Please DO NOT put a lock on it, please… I thought too it was solved but the lagging is back and worse now… I had now twice that the game just stops like it is on hold forever… The only thing you can do is to close it and start up again and yes, you loose everything you had!

So please solve it @KiraSG @Petri … ok, I promised not to contact you guys but disaster is about to strike again on the server, right?!

And I forgot: others are experiencing same thing and sometimes cannot get to log on right away and extra effort is needed besides patience

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