[SOLVED] Cleric Talent (mana shield) & Witch Hunter Special (Version 28)

Noticed a bug in the Raid Tournament where Cleric Talent resisted the mana cut component of Hansel but took damage.

What happened:

  1. Was fighting an enemy Boril
  2. Targetted Boril with Hansels special (it stuck -> no mana shield resist on initial cast)
  3. Borils mana charged up
  4. Boril took the damage from “Witch Hunter” special BUT Mana-shielded the Mana Cut…
  5. This left him at full mana & took the damage AGAIN in the next turn without me sending another tile at him…

It is the same behaviour as what was reported & fixed with Seshat Resistance (Pre V28 fix) except it only has a “chance” at occurring…

Didn’t grab screenshot/ video as I wasn’t expecting it.

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Thank you for the report! This has been confirmed as a bug, and we hope we’ll be able to fix this in the next update. I’ll mark this as a known issue.


DARN IT, second time this morning where I’m about to post something and it’s either been posted already or fixed!

I literally just made this video to show the interaction :frowning:

Here it is anyways…


With this update, just keep lookin

Seems like a record setting pace for # of bugs and issues

At least you used the search function first :wink:

I’ve merged like 8 or 9 reports already about S3 hard difficulty issues already

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Yeah the same posts keep on coming. I saw one just a couple minutes ago in General Discussion and it seems like you got that one too!

I actually didn’t use the search function, while I was making the draft for my post, I was recording to give proof. I did refresh since I knew I was too slow and there were likely others that have undergone the same issue. Saw two posts on the topic and scrapped the draft and typed in the post with comments in it.

I saw this post just a couple minutes ago and while I was uploading the video onto youtube to link it, @Petri already replied.

The timing of it all I tell you!

Anyways, goodluck to you and all the other moderators oeganizing the forum and to the staff and developers who have to patch some new bugs!


So it seems! It’s fun to find bugs(not that I’m hoping for there to be more bugs, I promise!)

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Maybe it’s SGGs version of an Easter egg hunt?


Lol well it was nicely timed if that’s the case

Right when thousands and thousands of people are home with nothing better to do


I haven’t seen this yet so I want to make sure I understand. I’m less interested in the technical nature of what’s going on - which seems to be the damage procs every turn with no mana reduction - and much more interested in the necessary gameplay adjustment (like pre-V28 all I needed to know was that Onatel was significantly worse off against Clerics and Poseidon). Right now, Hansel and Gretel (and I suppose Pixie) are extra effective against Clerics. Is that the appropriate gameplay takeaway?

I feel I’m very vocal and critical of SGG when I think they deserve it so I want to add here that I think mana interactions are one of the most complex aspects of the game and I really don’t think it’s a big deal with they sometimes go amiss. I don’t expect them to anticipate every combination in this area and have them all perfect. And I say that even though I just suffered a few brutal weeks of watching Onatel fare poorly against Kunchen tanks with Posseidon flanks (I have no better holy option, even with Onatel hindered).

Potentially yes. Requires the mana shield to trigger.

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When you are so talented that it actually hurts ¯\(ツ)


Ah, I see. Regrettably I do need to understand it better, technically:

  1. On Hansel/Gretel initial cast, if Mana Shield procs you’re SOL and done.
  2. If it doesn’t, Cleric takes damage when mana is full.
  3. If Mana Shield does NOT proc at that point, their mana goes to half, you proceed as usual.
  4. If Mana Shield DOES proc, the Cleric is still at full mana and takes damage again next turn, regardless of what you do with tiles.

Do I have it now? If that’s right then I guess I’d amend my statement to say Hansel/Gretel are normal effectiveness with a freeroll that they may do even better.

Though I guess if the Cleric procs Mana Shield on the last turn of the ailment yes they’ll take damage but now are full and cast. Seems like a small risk compared to stalling them a few turns and hopefully damaging them a few times.

Edited to fix embarrassing typos.

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Yip. That’s pretty much how it’s working ATM under this bug.

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I am just curious, how many rerolls and how much planning did you have to do to NOT kill Boril and leave him to the last? :joy:

Honestly not too many. My biggest issue was finding a boril that wasn’t tank at 2450 trophy count. Managed to find someone that was running a team of 3900tp in a sea of 4200~4600 that had Boril on the wing. I did find three separate boril teams but they either died to tiles or died to Hansel’s special before I could get the interaction.

Luckily against that team, I managed on my first try and if you saw my video(which is really blurry for some reason…). I started recording a few combos back when I first fired Hansel. Unfortunately, the interaction did not happen as a fully emblemed Boril has only a 35% chance of having the cleric talent activate. I just cut the video at the point where it did work.

I made sure to hit him with as few tiles as possible so he could survive the mana cut and so you’ll see me avoiding green tiles like the plague. I didn’t want the interaction to end with him just dying to mana cut with full mana and mana shield interacting, so I tried to make it so the interaction happens first, and then he dies to the issue caused by the bug(where he would be injured again by the mana cut even without the aid of tiles).

End result: Circled tiles around him --> Managed to see the interaction --> He lives with a whopping 25 HP --> Watch him die due to extra damage caused by bug --> SUCCESS

All in all, I used a bit over 300,000 ham(rough conservative estimate) as I rerolled as fast as possible(often passing a team with boril on accident as I press reroll by habit).


  • I read the post, had hansel and knew I could try and replicate it(although not in the raid tournament). The entire process was less than 15 minutes from when I saw the post.
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Am i misunderstanding it when I thought manashield weren’t supposed to resist Hansel’s or Gretel’s specials as long as it has been applied (i.e. the icon is showing and mana bar blinking)?Happened to me in a raid just now.

Caught this again this morning. I suppose a fix hasn’t been applied/found yet.

Was a nice boost for my team, but I probably didn’t need it.

This has been fixed in the new update (version 29). Marking this as solved!

Fixed a bug where Mana Shield triggered when Hansel’s, Gretel’s and Pixie’s status ailment was active.

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Proud papa moment;

My bug thread has all grown up now :heart:

Hatched as a bug; grew to a known issue and is now leaving the nest all solved :stuck_out_tongue:


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