[SOLVED] Clash of Knights start error bug (13 Oct) (Update: Error Fixed, Alliance Ranking Re-enabled)

Your loyalty is not appreciated :rofl:


Errors always expected, the concern with launching more events, looking for events, is so much… that the concern with checking first if everything is ok becomes non-existent.
Anyway, more of the same.
Good luck everyone for the event.

Yes my alliance also have a couple that say they completed the 1st tier but me and a couple others can’t get into it says the connection error :sad:

For me helped: Clear Application Cache.
Steps: Under Android 9: Settings/Applications ; select Empires App, select Storage /Clear Cache

Thank you for the quick solve … but how about the small alliances…have you found a solution for them as well … we’re only 3 members which, based on the event requirements, will give us next to 0% chances of completion​:unamused::unamused::unamused: … and I’m willing to bet we’re not the only small alliance

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The solution is to give up being in a small alliance. The game is not designed for small alliances.

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Doesn’t really matter…it’s a marathon not a sprint. I couldn’t really play it this morning anyways…just had 5 spare minutes to have a look.

The WE flask I expect as a sorry will be fine

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Yeah, I agree. We have plenty of them to finish and compete.

Update: We had to temporarily disable Alliance ranking as of now, while we are working on another fix. It should be back up soon!



Thx for the information.
So I will not post a bug about missing ranking :slight_smile:


I don’t seem to be able to get into the game at all now?

Edit - Seems to be working again now… Not sure what that was all about…

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i had almost full flags and had to fill a monster chest… guess trials and s1-7.4 had to do the job because of this failure

We want free coins. :smiley:

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We want free heroes :smiley:

Update 2: The leaderboards should be working again, thank you for your patience!


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