[SOLVED] Chat Unavailable (Jan 11)



The chat history has disappeared, only the last 4 messages are visible, do something already, my people cannot return to me, I do not see messages about accepting players


This is marked as solved, but it isn’t.

Like everyone else within the last few hours here, I get system messages but not chat.

I had someone leave the alliance and I have no idea why.



Chat was up and down yesterday. Today, I’m only seeing system messages.


Same here, We also get system messages but no chat. Any type of chat is erased


Alliance chat is down for me too. I only see system messages. But global chat works just fine.


Glad we are not at war when we are unable to communicate. Hope this gets resolved. Still nothing even tho it says it has been corrected.


Our alliance chat is still down as well. Only the last mybe 4 hours were showimg


I’d like to make note here that line breaks are currently not working as well.


It is not solved. Chat is still out. We have created an alliance of just my spouse and myself and a friend. Even our alliance chat is out with only 3 members. Once the VIP pass expires we will be uninstalling the game from our phones and maybe just maybe things will get better for other players in time.

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