[SOLVED] Chat Unavailable (Jan 11)



Bug ici aussi !!!


Guys still not working. Whats going on? Its hard for our team to comunicate…


Same for me, since it’s an acknowledged problem, do I still create ticket? If so I need to read on that. If nothing else it led me to forum!


SG is aware of the problem and is working on it:


Chat down again was down 4 hours yesterday at roughly same time


My in app alliance chat is back.


Just downloaded new update and chat won’t load…I am top Co-leader now I can’t chew somebody’s tail off for hitting a titan we call hold on or Good morning hillbillies or kick this titans behind! Im the warlord of alliance wars who directs the newbies too…need to fix this quickly please


Chat is working again.


Working again sort of … system messages are showing but not actual chat


My current chat shows…chat only goes back 4 hours.

I’ll take it! Improvement over the spinning wheel!


The chat should be up again!


All working now. The way some people are going on about it you’d think this was the entire NHS computer system going down or something :rofl::rofl::rofl: #itsonlyagame


Yes thank you much!!


Yes is working now. Thanx


Same for me, chat won’t load


Chat is out. And the forums keep crashing and closes.


Still having a problem with chat disappearing. Everytime I close the app and reopen the chat for my alliance is gone but global is working. What do I need to do to fix it?


I reloaded my game and chat still not working…every time i reload only system messages are there


Znów nie działa czat coś naprawa wam nie wyszła chyba że to większy problem. .myślę że w końcu uda wam się coś zrobić z tym


In my chat, not even system messages are keeping