[SOLVED] Chat Unavailable (Jan 11)

Like on topic. Chat dont working


yup in-app chat went away here.

The same for me. Only a black circle in an alliance chat.

Mine is down too. Seems like this happens frequently after an update.

I submitted a ticket. Yall should do the same.

@Petri @Rook @Kerridoc This seems to be a general game issue. Can this be pinned as a master thread?

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Thank you for the reports and my apologies for the problem! We are currently investigating and hope to get this resolved as soon as possible!


In my alliance chat the chat isn’t working. First it was blank, now just keep loading/buffering

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Same here.


Same here, 20 characters

Same here just get the “wheel of doom” constantly spinning :frowning:

same here, no chat at all

Also share the no chat problem. I will not be silenced!

Just made the update and same problem with chat

After upgrading to version 18, the in-game chat does not load. There is always a download circle in place of the chat.

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I’m having the same problem. Grrrrr

U mnie też nie działa liczymy na szybkie rozwiązanie problemu

We haven’t been able to access the game chat.Screenshot_20190111-144959_Empires|243x500

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