[SOLVED] Changed number of waves in some S3 missions in v28 (Working as Intended, Release Notes Updated)

Just noticed that Season 3 mission 2-8 had nerfed number of waves from 5 down to 3 in a new version.

Didn’t do any other missions lately, so can’t tell about others as I was farming boars and this one was the best for it.

It’s not in change notes, so I suppose it’s a bug. @Petri can you check it please?

Reference from @BarryWuzHere, and ping to him to keep an eye on this:



Also S3:2-7 went from 3 waves to 4 waves in this update.

@Petri, was this a bug that changed the S3 map like this? I didn’t see any mention in the release notes.


Thanks for adding more changed missions - changed the title to reflect it. Now we’ll have to wait for official response.

If anyone noticed a difference (in any season), let us know here, thanks.

I’ve noted the changes, but do not plan to update my spreadsheet other than warning that things have changed in V28 until I collect more data and see what SG has to say about this.

From what I see, the wave counts in V28 actually look more like what I would expect, being much more like the wave counts I’ve seen in season 2; the original ones were a bit of a departure from “normal”.

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I’ve prodded the staff on the mod thread


Some mob and boss strengths have also changed, I farm 5-8 boss used to be 949 power now it’s 1050

obviously don’t have pre update pic, but anyone who hasn’t updated can verify


I farm it too and can confirm 949 because I paid attention since Ursula’s special does about that damage and either just barely kills him or doesn’t quite manage.

Edit: I haven’t upgraded to V28 yet; here is a “before” pic.


Thanks for the reports, we reviewed the Release Notes and this change was indeed missing from them. My apologies for this! We have now edited the notes to include the following changes:

  • Changed the amount of enemy waves in some Season III stages.
  • Slight adjustments to the difficulty of some Season III stages.


Disappointing that we have nerfed the number of waves from 5 to 3. I had a mental note to use that stage for farming. It just means that there remain very few worthwhile chest filling spots, and this could have been one

God forbid we should ever make anywhere but boring old season one worth farming. That is seriously one of the most irritating things about this game

And based on the evidence above, you might wish to modify your release notes to say

Slight adjustments to the difficulties of Season 1 stages also


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