[SOLVED] Challenge Event Already Playable


I have forwarded it to mod chat.

Are you on 57.0.1 version or at 57.0.0 ?

(On 57.0.0 I could not reproduce this problem)

It seems that this is a bug of version 57.0.1. I have already been sent several of the same screenshots by people who have also already started a pet event. They can pass stages, but no points are awarded.


I thought that this is some 57.0.1 related issue.
I still could not update to check it.

I am wondering whether any points will show up once the events start for others.

I am on 57.0.1 version

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Thx for the confirmation.

I’m clarifying this now. But now there is information that not all owners of version 57.0.1 have this bug. If there is any more additional information, I will send it here.

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Maybe some of them are still on the 57.0.1 version where you cannot switch accounts ?

(It would have been better if Staff would have released 57.0.2 for the account switching bug fix)

Thank you for the report, we are currently investigating this issue here.


It seems you are right. These are screenshots of a player with version 57.0.0 and two accounts. He has this bug. The search circle of the problem is narrowing. ))))

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I’ll take some extra coins please

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What device is everyone using for this? is it the same device or…? I use Android (on galaxy s22) and version 57.0.0 and don’t have this.

Uhh, they can get Coins ?

That is an advantage even if their score is not recorded.


Is the event already active?
And why only for some people?
Shouldn’t it start for everyone at the same time?

Two different accounts, the first one even fainted :rofl:

I suspect Staff misconfigured something on a version of 57.0.1 that is the reason for it @FloKi


Thanks for the answer, I am still on version 57.0.0

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It should start on a Thursday with a free WE flask

Hi! We have mitigated the bug. You may still see two buttons for the event, one active and one inactive, but it is not possible to play the event now. Trying to enter the stages will just take you to an error screen. The event will start for real in regular schedule. Apologies for the issue!


Omg! Am i hindered to get a higher score?

Btw, i never looking for higher score for 1st finishing.