[SOLVED] Can't revenge raid (7 Dec)

It won’t let me revenge raid even though it say the person has been last active over 4 hrs ago it’s still saying they are active and I have multiple ones like that.


Thank you, now i know we are not the only ones and this is a known issue.

Same problem here!

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I do have the same problem. And people from my Alliance too.

@sara Revenges are broken. All targets claim to be online, even if their profile says they’re not.

Thank you for letting us know and my apologies for the problem! We are currently investigating the issue here.

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What’s going on? I can’t do revenge steel is written online but last activity was 45 minutes ago

I dont know why but even if this people is not online i can’t raid him. Notice that he doesnt have any raid shield. Same case for 3 other peoples, i cant revenge.


Same with me, I have 20 revenge available and none of them will work even though they aren’t online image

Definitely a bug ** 20 char

A known issue precisely, it need to be fixed ASAP because its a serious issue.

Got the same issue 20 minutes ago… had to reroll to find a suitable opponent to fill my raid chest. Quite annoying, for sure.

I hope the dev will notice it pretty quickly

I have this problem as well. Please fix this ASAP!

Revenge doesnt work - inactive players appear as online

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It’s the same for me, and for every one i guess

D@mn… Wanted to fill that chest…

Yup, ditto here. Can’t revenge anyone. Regular raid seems to work though.

Yes i tested regular raid, works well, but the revenge system is broken.
All peoples that up their trophies only by revenge, well rip.

Same problem for me …

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