[SOLVED] Can't connect to the servers (17 Jun Maintenance Break)

iOS 12.3.2, Game version 22.0.0 can’t connect to the servers after maintenance break… Just started like 10-15 minutes ago…
There’s a good internet connection…


Same issue, but I’m on Android.

Yeah, it’s on their end…

It’s maintenance. You will be able to login soon again.


I have the same issue, also on apple device.

It happened after i updated the app.

The message said 10:00 am UTC, that’s over like an hour and a half ago…

It’ll take some time to open a zillion player server and billion items

You wanna delete photo it has your game info on it


me too. Apple… 20 chars

I can’t connect either, Australia, Optus provider, same message as first post.

I can’t play it is saying that there’s a problem connecting to server and I just updated

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same here but its past the time that was stated…android platform

Did SG say how long the break will be?

30 minutes… Top…

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I can’t play the game also. Same massage :slight_smile: connection error. Please check your internet connection or try adifferent networ.
Unbelievable I uptaded.

I’m having the same problem. iOS, iPhone 7

At least 30min. So it’ll probably work any minute now. SH 21 might Take a little lounger though…

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@zephyr1 would you like to decide which of the multiple threads will be the master for this topic :roll_eyes:


Fixed, thanks… Did you take a snapshot :laughing:

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:thinking::thinking:shucks I forgot to :joy::joy:

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