[SOLVED] Can't access my alliance (9 Oct)

It still shows my alliance under my name in chat… but:


Same here. :confused:

More players are experiencing similar issue.

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same here. See screenshot bellow.

I am having the same problem


So the titan was low and I used my flag on it. After the hit I was notified that I cannot hit the titan as it has either escaped or died. Looking again, the titan image was greyed and my alliance was unavailable as well. Sadly I had only taken this picture as I thought the titan may had just died.

Furthermore, after quitting and restarting, the titan was back but while my flag had been used, the damage had seemingly not registered. The alliance was back up and I noticed that it said that war had been disabled.

After checking the titan again, the damage had registered and the war screen reappeared.

Nothing major happened, but I just wanted to let you guys know in case this hasn’t happened before.

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It seems to be server issue…
I and my friend also cannot open Alliance and chat.

Luckily I was not using any of my flags at that moment but I got the same message about my alliance chat…
Maybe worth to mention that few minutes prior that I got disconnected from the game.

@Petri, @KiraSG
What happened?
How long it will be going on?
I just got a rare titanium, will we extend the time to kill it?

I’d say it’s a minor inconvenience at most. After restarting the game and waiting a bit, it went back to normal. Hopefully this issue will be resolved as quickly for you as it did for me.

Edit: Ah this was meant for @Kitti but it seems I forgot to press the reply button. :slightly_frowning_face:

It is normal now…

I can confirm there’s something weird going on. First of all it took too long to connect and when finally connected to the game I’ve had no titan energy, like I wasn’t in an alliance. After a split second the energy was back. Weird :confused:

I keep showing alliance unavailable as well. I refresh and it comes back. It has happened twice in the last 30 minutes

Happened again just now.

Edit 1: 2nd image just to show that I’m not in an alliance

Edit 2: I decided to check if my alliance would show up if I typed in global/experience chat but my alliance came back up, but it showed up like this:

However, while editing out the names I checked the name and it wrnt back to normal

Hi! Some alliance servers are having issues and we are looking into it. It may look like you can’t access your alliance but that’s temporary. We are working on it and we will keep you posted on the status. Thanks for your patience!


I too logged in to having no alliance.


Same issue for me. I was in the middle of a titan hit and lost my titan flag unfortunately:(

The issue is back … and even got disconnected in the middle of the fight. And I have no problems with my internet connection.

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Now working OK :confounded::+1:

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I had the same problem as well.
Restarted the app and it seems fixed, but i will not use my flags until i know for sure it will not disconnect again in the middle of the fight.

Please, let us know when it’s all normal again.

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