[Solved] Can’t add talents to some maxed heroes

I have several heroes who are maxed (3* at 50). I don’t see talent grid as an option. They are not eligible for talent points. This appears to be a bug.

Is this the case with anyone else?

I am wondering if it is because their special skill isn’t maxed at 8? All of my maxed 3* have the talent grid showing available, but they are all at maxed special skill level 8 as well.

It is related to the special skills. They are 6/8 or 7/8. But the level up percent is 0. So some hero’s not earn the max special skill?


It is because their specials aren’t maxed, but you can continue to feed them heroes until they’re maxed out. The probability of a special leveling up in this situation is 5x the normal rate, so feeding them one duplicate or even 5 same-color 2* feeder heroes should guarantee a special level for them.


@lexinen Got it! Thank you for the explanation and advice.

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If you click the 3 little dots at the bottom of lexinen’s post, there should be an option to identify it as the solution to your issue. This will mark your issue as solved :slight_smile:

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So both my Bane and Berden are maxed yet they are still able to take feeders and will not allow me to access their talent grid is there something I am missing for my account because somethings definitely wrong…
image image

Please let me know what I need to do thanks

You still have their skill at level 7, they need to be level 8 to access the talent grid
When they are maxed every hero you feed will give you x5 to level up the skill so it will be easy to max them with same colours feeders

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Ok so they are maxed level I still need to give feeder heroes? That makes no sense right?

So you know I understand what your saying I did miss they weren’t maxed skill but wouldn’t a maxed level hero already be maxed skill it just doesn’t make sense that they arent but thanks for pointing that out I was honestly boggled

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Actually it does make sence as feeder they give you 2 things:
1- experience points to level up
2- percentage to level up the skill

Same color heroes give you 20% extra hp and double the chance to skill up the skill
In order to access the talent both need to be maxed

You are welcome and if you need any other help we are always here

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When you get to this stage with a hero (max level but not maxed special), i strongly advise that you build up enough matched-color feeders to be able to get 100% chance thatbthe special increases. Odds are 5x once the hero is maxed, so 10 1* feeders, 5 2* feeders, or some combination thereof will guarantee a special increase. As will a dupe of the hero.

When i’m working on a 3*, I always hold any dupes of the hero I happen to get until the special is maxed. The dupes are the cheapest way to max the special if the levels max out first.


I thought you could also use a duplicate (bane on bane)…once your card is maxed, it should take just one duplicate to increase that Special level. :slight_smile:

Yup. That’s what I believe Kerridoc meant by:

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Remind me to stop reading on a sick day. Thanks for parsing, Garanwyn! :grin:

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