[SOLVED] Can not login in to game!? -- Servers are Full message -- October 14

I can not log in to game, so can’t my wife and a friend of mine, help?

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Got 3 stages in until suddenly out of no where I got kicked out of the game and am unable to reconnect to the game.
Thinking it has server issues going on but still wasted a flag.

So far from what I have seen, Ninja Tower looks good.

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Hi @Petri @Staff_SGG

Are you serious?

No login possible?

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Things were fine then connection failure.

You are not alone. A lot of players have experienced this.

Oh, boy… @Guvnor and the rest will be very busy merging and closing threads.

I hope SG will give another 50 emblems per class. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I got kicked after trying to start a tower level and lost a flag without getting to try the level. If this isn’t fixed this could be the last straw - you would think they would learn

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I had it for a few minutes but it cleared up after restarting my phone

the server crashed and I lost a flag of the ninja tower, claims and failures already have me tired

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Hi all

Please remember the inbox message stating the game will be down for maintenance after the v32 roll-out on all devices.

@Guvnor @littleKAF @Petri I could be wrong?

Yeah that was about 3 hours ago now.

Most likely this is just too many people trying to get in straight away for the start of the NT event

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Got the same issue like yesterday during ninja tower quest and lost 1 energy can i get this back please?

Later on when i refreshed it said servers were running on maximum capacity

Encountered the same issue.

I got booted because of the servers. I don’t care about the extra curse or anything else that happened. The flag limitation means that now I can’t reach the top.

I don’t like the flag restrictions. If you miss a day, that’s 20% of the tower you can’t complete. Plus the 50 flags for 50 levels doesn’t allow for any error, even if it’s not my error.

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We experienced a brief service disruption earlier today, but this should be now resolved. I’ll mark this as solved. Our apologies for the inconvenience!


This is NOT solved! You removed any room for error, then made an error. At the very least, lots of people want their flag back.

This isn’t solved for those that lost a ninja tower flag due to this issue like myself and others that have posted

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What he said :smile:

If you lost energies due to this issue, please contact support.

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