[SOLVED] Bug? IOS 7.1 Wukong not buffed


Still the same 185% damage it was in 1.6.

Not sure if this is an error in the build or if the patch notes weren’t correct.

IOS 1.7 build 231


Old patch notes. They decided not to give him the buff.


Ah, guess that is confirmation then that their IOS build / release process broke somewhere along the way. Whoopsie!


Hi there, my apologies for the incorrect information on the App Store update notes regarding Wu Kon’s balance change. As @Vivenna mentioned, based on our own findings and user feedback, we decided not to make this balance change.

We’ll correct this bit for the App Store update notes. You can also read the release notes here: 1.7 Release Notes


Wu is over powered. 20k + hits on every titan by. Teammates that use him. 2000s team power out scoring 3000s team power every titan with wu. Its very uncompetitive and starting to burn me out on the game. You invest a lot of money to acquire 5* hero team only to be dominated by a team of four stars with Wu kong. Ill be hitting the yellow elemental for sure to try to get him. Love the game just sad my team of 5*s cant compete with a Wu kong team especially if they are stacking with Aries